From the beginning, Printing Arts Press was guided by a simple philosophy: Give customers exceptional value, friendly service, and uncompromising quality. From creative design to marketing to printing publications, books, postcards, envelopes, manuals, brochures etc. and mailing services we've been able to meet our Central Ohio clients’ printing, marketing and mailing needs with easy online ordering and fast results while generating cost savings.

According to Printing Arts Press records the company was founded in 1945 and incorporated in Mount Vernon, Ohio in 1948. Founding Stockholders included:

Dr. Warren G. Harding II of Harding Hospital (nephew of President Warren G. Harding)

Charles Welch an Administrator of Martin Memorial Hospital

John Vogt, retired Foreman of the Norfolk and Western Railway

Worthington Seventh-day Adventist Church

John and Fred Freeman of Freeman Studios

Robert Vogt, Rochester Institute of Technology Student, WWII Army Veteran (Staff Sergeant)

Since all the founders were Seventh-day Adventists ‘The Seventh-day Adventist Church welcomes you’ Sign in the front yard of Printing Arts Press remains in place as a way to pay tribute to the company founders. By 1965 Robert Vogt, son of John Vogt, eventually purchased all the stock through a buy out plan. He made it a priority to invest in the latest printing technology starting with replacing 'hot type' Linotypes with 'cold type' Phototype technology in the l960s. After a long career in the printing industry he sold his stock through a buy out plan in 1996.

In our lobby we proudly display the Company Awards along with a copy of Dr. Warren G. Harding’s II Stock Certificate. More importantly, we continue to pride ourselves on providing the kind of exceptional value, friendly service, and uncompromising quality that helped to set us apart all those years ago.

Now, as we continue to grow and embark on the next chapter of our journey with our virtual storefront open to the world we'd like to take a moment to thank all of the individuals and businesses who have helped get us where we are today. And to those of you just starting out with us here online, we'd like to say:

Welcome to Printing Arts Press. We're glad you're here.